Tbilisi State Medical University

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Tbilisi State Medical University is one of the most prestigious high medical schools in Easter European Region. English- medium Medical Faculty of General Medicine was established in 1996 and the first pool of students graduated in 2002.

Since 2006 the faculty is incorporated into the faculty of Medicine as the Foreign Division. Since then this number has been increasing signiticantly. Due to ever increasing number from oversea undergraduate and postgraduate students at different faculties of TSMU and for quality maintaining and improving reasons, the Department of Oversea Students Education (DOSE) was established in 2008 and in 2017 it was renamed to International Students Education Department.

The total number of foreign students over from 54 different countries of the World until now is over 1582.

Our students enjoy an atmosphere of collegiality with one another and they are confident in the correctness of their choice, whereas the mission of the Department of International Students Education  is to unite all foreign students of TSMU under “common umbrella” for facilitation and improvement of their academic and social standards. The academic process encompasses modern programs at worldwide standards.

The whole academic process is based upon European Credit Transfer and Accumultaion System (ECTS). Lectures, workshops and independent studies are equally evaluated. According to requirements of Bologna Declaration, Basic medical education comprises 360 ECTS credits of theoretical and practical training for 6 years of study, from which:

  • 2 years - basic
  • 1 year - preclinical
  • 3 years – clinical

MD Diploma is awarded after successful passing of the final examinations which usually are held immediately after undergraduate period (6 years) completion.

All programs are worked out on the basis of:

Accepted standards by medical universities and colleges of European countries, USA, Canada, UK, and Israel.
The whole academic process is based upon ECTS. A new very convenient and sensitive GRADING SYSTEM is adopted for student’s evaluation at TSMU.