Vitebsk State Medical University

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Vitebsk State Medical University was founded in November 1934. The first Rector was Professor M. A. Hazanov. The foundation of Medical Faculty was finished by 1941. It included 32 theoretical and clinical departments. The Great Patriotic War broke the work of the Institute for several years. Many teachers and students participated in the defense of the country. The city and the Institute were almost in ruins. The rebuilding of the Institute started in 1946.

Years passed. Medical Institute was expanding; its clinical base was improving. The number of highly qualified specialists, professors and scientific workers was growing. In 1959, the Pharmaceutical Faculty was opened along with the Medical Faculty.

Since September 1981 Vitebsk State Medical University started to train the overseas students on Preliminary Training, Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties. The number of foreign students was increasing and in 1997 the Faculty of Overseas Students Training was opened. For the large merits in training physicians for public health of Asia, Africa, Near East and Latin America, the Vitebsk State Medical University was awarded with the Medal of Peoples Friendship by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In the beginning of 1999, according to the Republic of Belarus Ministry of Education Vitebsk State Medical University was accredited to a University status.

At present there are 7 Faculties, 58 Departments, Central Scientific Research Laboratory, Scientific Medical Informational Department, Educational and Methodical Informational Center and Library. All departments have computer tests, plaster casts and phantoms, modern medical-diagnostic equipment. There are 5 computer classes and 19 video classes at the University. The physicians’ practical skills are teaching for students in twenty well-equipped therapeutic and surgical clinics. The University has a big field, which is used for pharmacy specialists training.

  • Medical Faculty
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • Dental Faculty
  • Faculty of Overseas Students Training
  • Faculty of the Post graduate Education in Medicine and Pharmacology
  • Faculty of the High Medical School Pedagogy
  • Faculty of the Professional Orientation
  • and Training of Entrants.

International department

Principal directions of work of the department

  • Formation of programs of international cooperation
  • Involvement of teaching staff in international cooperation
  • Assurance of cooperation of the departments of the university in the sphere of international cooperation
  • Export of educational services
  • Organization of traineeship of VSMU students abroad
  • Organization of admission for foreign students coming to the university by intergovernmental and interuniversity contracts and agreements
  • Organization of admission company for foreign students to the Faculty of overseas Students Training
  • Maintenance of consultations and translations for departments and staff of the university
  • Organization of work of teaching staff from abroad
  • Maintenance of representative and informational activity
  • Realization of Politics and aims in the sphere of quality within the limits and competence of the department.
  • Effective application of documents of management system of quality